AmberAds helps make Video production more efficient by providing PowerTools

Content Libraries

Source, edit and organize content for each account in one place. Integrate custom content sources such as Photo and Video stock libraries, Social Media and more, to enable your Teams to find, edit and use content easily.

Unleash your Team’s Creative Potential

Empower your Design teams to create fully customized video and image templates to meet your Brand and client requirements and make production more efficient. Create highly engaging Video and Image templates with beautifully crafted animated logos, transitions and more for every Social Media channel and digital property. Assign constraints to guarantee Content teams will follow the content requirements at all time leading to a more efficient video production process.

Increase your content production capacity

Empower your Content teams to create engaging video more easily and quickly. Edit Videos and Images on the spot, follow design constraints set by Template Designers. Help them save time by letting them focus on video content, not design.