Optimize and Scale your video production

We help you create videos to tell your story in a sustainable and affordable way


Collaboration made easy

AmberAds brings teams together, giving everyone a shared workspace where video production is streamlined and collaboration is made easy.

It was difficult for us to create video at Scale for our 12 offices around the world. AmberAds Video made it simple for us to create targeted stories for each segment and Internship Program. The experience has been great.

Kirstie Weston, Marketing Manager @The Intern Group

Powerful tools every step of the way

Empower Organization administrators to create and manage multiple Accounts and Teams, Designers to create beautifully crafted templates for images and videos, Content Managers to create and edit content on the spot, and Clients to validate content production among other things.

Before AmberAds Video we were not leveraging the full power of video. By telling stories for our customers and partners we have increased engagement and sessions to our site which has led to an increase in sales. Looking forward to scaling further.

Felipe Rodriguez, CEO @Deenty

Streamlined workflows and integrations

AmberAds integrates with every content source, productivity platform and distribution channel available through APIs, and you can also request your own integration. We also make it possible to automate video production further by requesting our API connection.

Creating a video for every Podcast is a time consuming process. With AmberAds video we have streamlined the process and have brought production time from hours to minutes at a fraction of the cost.

Nathan Lustig, Managing Partner @ Magma Partners

Template Showcase

Fully customize your template designs for every Social Network and Digital property. Stand out with designs and animations that tell your Brand’s Story they way it should be told. We offer Fully Managed services to help you with Template designs is needed too.