Creative Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2016

The Creative Policy is put in place so that Customers using the AmberAds platform and Services meet the ad quality standards of AmberAds' partners and publishers. The Creative Policy may change from time to time and becomes effective immediately as of the date presented in the Effective Date above. In order to use the AmberAds platform and Services, you are required to review this Creative Policy, become familiar with it and review it with enough frequency to make sure that you comply with the rules described in it.

1. Advertiser's ads should not:

  • Degrade performance of the publishers' website, mobile website or mobile app (“Publisher Site”); or,
  • Lead the user to a landing page other than the one advertised; or,
  • Lead to the placement of Trojan horses, spyware, malware, or other types of auto-downloadable code or sotware on a user's mobile device or computer; or,
  • Mislead users into clicking the ad (by imitating publishers' user interface, or other commonly used software applications, by providing fake chat boxes, close buttons, or other call to actions that will not generate the action intended by the user on click).
  • Close the Publisher Site upon redirect. The Publisher Site must remain open for the user to be able to navigate or open it again in the case of an app.

2. Content Guidelines. Advertiser's ads should meet all the requirements described below in the Content Guidelines.

The following Ads must adhere to all the laws of any geographic region in which they will be served if they are for, contain references to, or images of:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and weapons, Gambling

The following Ads must contain only non-controversial and positive content if they are for, contain references to, or images of:

  • Religion, Politics, Military, Sexual health.

Ads related to Dating, finding friends, relationships, etc., must not contain messages of a sexual nature, or depict people in a sexually-suggestive manner. This prohibition includes ads showing people wearing revealing clothing, ads showing people in sexually suggestive body positions, ads with sexually suggestive text, or ads which may otherwise be inappropriate for younger and more conservative audiences.

Ads that play audio, play video within a banner space (in-banner video), or expand or change from their original position or size (expandables) whether automatically or after an action by the user (for example through hover, roll-over or click) must always have an obvious and clearly visible control that allows the user to disable sound playback, video playback, or the expansion respectively. Any ad that will play audio, play video, or expand must do so immediately when the ad is loaded or immediately upon user-initiated action or rollover/hover, and may not begin to play audio, play video, or expand at a later time without user-initiation. Furthermore, in the case of expandable ads, the “Expandable (Web) Ad Tag” option must be used or the ad may serve into placement that do not support expansion.

The following ads are prohibited if they are for, contain references to, or images of:

  • Adult or provocative content
  • Fake news and advertorials
  • Inappropriate content or language (including violence, hate speech, swearing, harassment, etc.)
  • Gambling
  • International dating / mail-order brides
  • Click-to-Call ads that initiate a phone call that will direct the user subscribe them to a service or call a premium service
  • Illegal material or content
  • Misleading or inaccurate content, images or messages (for example: Ads that promote shoes at a 30% discount, and then link to a landing page selling flight tickets at full price).

The above are some examples, but do not provide the full scope of ads that may prohibited in the AmberAds platform. AmberAds reserves the right to block ads it considers needs to be prohibited. When in doubt, Customer should reach one of AmberAds representatives to discuss your ad category and see where it fits within the AmberAds Content Guidelines.

The landing pages (that may be served in websites, mobile websites, web apps, or mobile applications) to which the Customer's Ads link to must:

  • Always resolve to the same final URL, and never to a different URL than that provided when the campaign was submitted for review to AmberAds;
  • Display and contain content and information that is coherent and relevant to the content promoted through the Ad;
  • Never use any third parties' design, brand or logo without the express, written permission of such party;
  • Disclose the party (person or company) responsible for the Ad and landing page (ex: using a brand logo and Company Name);
  • Include the Advertiser's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, as well as an opt-out option of the promotion for the user;
  • Clearly disclose that it is an Ad, Sponsored Content, or Advertorial if it looks and feels like content (misleading the user into believing otherwise).

AmberAds has the rights to modify, add or remove any terms or conditions in its Creative Policy, which will become effective immediately upon posting.