We increase your in-App Sales and User Engagement

by running Mobile App Re-Engagement campaigns and charging only for in-App Events

Here is a detailed step by step of what we can do to help you grow your App Business

STEP 1: We define your target users & Setup Initial Retargeting Lists

We work with you to understand what users you want to re-engage and what objective you want to drive for each of them. For example: You may want to convert non paying users into paying users. You could do this by targeting users that have installed your app but have not yet purchased, and then taking them into a specific discount section inside your app; Or you may want to prevent users from churning. You could do this by targeting users that have purchased in the past, but have not purchased in the last 14 days, and then taking them to a specific special product section inside your app.

We then build retargeting lists with Device IDs for each Segment: IDFAs for iOS & GAID for Android.

STEP 2: Tracking Integration

Your App must be integrated with one of our tracking partners: Adjust, TUNE, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, Kochava, etc.

Our integrations team will help you setup Click URLs, Postbacks, Macros and Feeds. The Retargeting Lists will be updated dynamically based on postback events.

STEP 3: Assets & Creative Guidelines

We provide you with recommendations on Creative Assets for your campaign: Ad Unit Types (Banner/Native/Video), Sizes and Design Guidelines.

We can also setup Dynamic Product Ads to optimize in real time the products that are shown to your Users.

STEP 4: Start Running Campaigns

Our platform will run Real-Time Bidding campaigns to find your users across multiple Apps worldwide.

When users see your ads and click on them, they will be taken back to specific sections inside your App through Deep Linking. This process is optimized in real time through our proprietary algorithms towards increasing your in-App events at scale while reaching your target CPA goals.

STEP 5: Start receiving events you care about

If you are an eCommerce, we can drive First and Repeat Product purchases for you. If you are a Travel company, we can drive Hotel Bookings, Flight purchases and Package purchases for you. If you are an on-demand Car company, we can drive First Drives for you. If you are a Food Ordering company, we can drive First and Repeat orders for you. If you are an on Demand Delivery service, we can Drive First and Repeat Orders for you. If you are a Classifieds company, we can drive new Ad Replies for you, as well as Professional Ad Package purchases for you.

We can setup and drive any event that you care about. And you will only be charged for the events that we drive at the agreed CPA or Revenue Share.

STEP 6: Receive detailed reporting

Gain access to your own Admin to view all the stats you care about.

Impressions, Clicks, CTR, eCPC, Conversions, CVR, eCPA, Billing and more. View your performance per campaign on a Graph, or receive the information via e-mail.

We would like to help you: Increase your in-App Sales, User Engagement and Lifetime Value!